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Experiential Keynotes & Workshops

Why? Because---

300 Billion Dollars and 350 Million Hours are Lost Annually

Due To On-The-Job Stress, Absenteeism, Retention, and

Dysfunctional Teams. We help solve this problem using Appreciative Inquiry and Brain-Based Tools for Change.

Videos For Medical Professionals
And Medspouses

Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Corporate Information
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How I empower Your Organization

How I empower Your Organization

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Interview with Michael Leiter & Christina Maslach, The Burnout Challenge

Interview with Michael Leiter & Christina Maslach, The Burnout Challenge

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Happy Employees Equal Happy Patients

Happy Employees Equal Happy Patients

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Discover What REALLY happens in your brain! with Dr  Lara Patriquin

Discover What REALLY happens in your brain! with Dr Lara Patriquin

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Discover, Discern & Decide

🔹 DISCOVER: You get to discover more about the group and more about yourself. Imagine tapping into the collective wisdom of your people. Imagine creating psychological safety in your meetings so all voices are heard. Imagine knowing why your corporation is stalled. In this environment, everyone collaborates and gets the feeling of opening up in front of a crowd without judgment or conclusions.


Discover the art of tapping into this wisdom quickly and efficiently to solve problems in your organization. We've been told that teams got more accomplished in 3 hours than in the last 3 years!

🔹 DISCERN: Discern which stress pattern is keeping your organization from reaching your goals in leadership, in your family, and in your life. Imagine knowing exactly which thing needs to be tackled first and developing a plan to get it done. 

🔹DECIDE: This is the step where I challenge you to disrupt those stress patterns so you're always ready to make changes that stick. Our interactive, experiential learning creates team connection, engagement, and transformation.

Interactive Workshop Ideas

We offer Interactive Experiential Learning! Gone are the boring lectures that do not provide transformation! We provide lasting change for your organization using science-backed tools and learning.

Image by Artur Kornakov

Burnout Prevention Workshop

(2 hr./4 hr./ 8 hr.)

Image by Tim Gouw

Stress Management Workshop

(2 hr./4 hr./ 8 hr.)

Image by Alexander Dummer

How To Deal With Difficult People Using Brain-Based Tools

(2 hr./4 hr./ 8 hr.)

Image by Rineshkumar Ghirao

Brain Training for Teams: Engage, Collaborate, and Innovate Together

(2 hr./4 hr./ 8 hr.)

Image by Cytonn Photography

Giving Feedback: Using Brain-Based Tools & Emotional Intelligence

(2 hr./4 hr./ 8 hr.)

Image by Nikhita Singhal

Restore Your Drained Energy Using Brain-Based Tools

(2 hr./4 hr./ 8 hr.)

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It's Time To Reclaim Your Peace

Imagine experiencing peace and joy at home and at work



🔹 If you are looking for workshops, training, or speaking for your team... we've got you covered!

🔹 Using scientifically-backed brain-based tools to tackle the challenges at the root cause level. This is just a part of how I help you grow!

🔹 Grow your team, institution, and group from the inside out! Build Resilience, Decrease Stress, Increase Productivity, Improve Relationships, Increase Happiness, & Burnout Prevention. 


Corporate Coaching

Are you sick of the same patterns and habits showing up for you? 

 🔹 Coaching empowers you to take off ALL YOUR MASKS without fear of exposure (it's confidential)!!!

 🔹 Coaching can speed up your progress by pulling your own wisdom out of you! 

🔹 Coaching helps you think outside the box, see things from different perspectives, and discover new patterns for your brain to choose.

🔹 Coaching gives you new tools to make better decisions faster without regrets.

🔹 Coaching will help you gain clarity and confidence quickly, so you can make changes that stick!

Elizabeth, TX

"Your workshops multiplied our learning experientially. You created psychological safety and engagement I thought was impossible to create in our organization.


It was practical neuroscience that was full of heart."

Laura,  New Jersey

"I cannot shake your presentation! It was outstanding and profound!
Your message, presentation style and expertise were so impactful."

Bill, North Carolina

"This was the highest rated training in our company's history. It was practical and helped us understand how to call upon the collective wisdom of our group."

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life Tobacco Cessation Beating Burnout Manage Stress Using

Your Employees Need This If:

You want to help, but you don't know where to begin

We offer bite-sized educational and inspirational teaching for employees to navigate stress, beat exhaustion, and focus on what matters. 

🔹They are chronically exhausted

🔹They complain of being stressed out

🔹You notice team complaining and backbiting

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