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Be The Leader
Who Makes 

Rethink Survival Mode,

Start a Self-Revolution, and

Step into Brilliance & Imperfection

Medical Professionals & Medspouses

Navigate Your High-Stress Career Powerfully and Prioritize Well-Being


Survival Mode

Keeps You From 

Being Above Average-

Let's Quit

Autopilot living

Hey There! Welcome


Self-Revolution Coaching & Training for Leaders Who Create Ripple Effects

Leadership Development (The Core Competencies)

Interactive Experiential Learning--

Stress Management,

Navigating Difficult Conversations 


Hey Friend, My name is Doreen Steenland

I'm a Registered Nurse, International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, "a Medspouse", and mental fitness trainer. As one of thirteen family members in medicine, with the other half of my family in education, I'm fully vested in wellness for essential professionals, so that they can navigate the daily stressors that come with the territory.

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Discover Your
Survival Mode
Stress Pattern

I Empower Medical Professionals, Medspouses, & Frontline Workers
to Operate in Equanimity In Their High-Stress Careers




We offer group and individual coaching programs that empower you to navigate stress, beat exhaustion and focus on what matters most. Using brain based tools, you can balance your nervous system and feel anchored, so you can enjoy your life and work.


Workshops & Speaking

Our transformational, interactive learning event change lives! Gone are the days of boring lectures! Interactive learning engages your team. We grow in community! Our Growth Containers create psychological safety so that the participants can connect in meaningful ways.


Corporate Interactive Experiential Learning

We provide interactive, experiential training that engages your team. Gone are the days of death by lecture! Your team will participate, co-create, and be transformed by the training.


Why Us?

30 + Years Experience

As a Registered Nurse, I've had a wide variety of experience throughout my lifetime. From Critical Care-→ER→NP role→Investigative Nursing→Corporate Health & Wellness→

School Nursing→Private Practice Experience.

Adding International Coaching Federation Certification for Coaching, along with multiple specialty certifications in Neuroscience, IPNB, Trauma-Informed Coaching, Somatic Training

And More....


I'm honored to empower you!

Individual Approach

Each human is unique and we all come to the situation with our own unique perspectives & biases. You can get to the root cause of what drives those perspectives and what drives the your actions.  

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. I'm passionate about helping my clients learn how to make the up times last—and minimize or eliminate the down times? How you view life affects your overall happiness, success, and the depth of your relationships. Your brain will always seek to prove your right!

I Believe In You!

I believe you can change your brain and it's patterns. I believe that your stress patterns no longer need to rule your life. I believe that there is so much more to life than you are currently experiencing.  


I believe you can learn to be present and enjoy your family. I believe you can reach your goals. I believe you have the answers inside you, we just need to learn how to access them!


I believe you can live an anchored life and no longer tossed to and fro in the waves of uncertainty. I believe you can live calm, confident, curious, & courageous lives.

PCCT-406Post Covid Stress Coaching for Frontline Workers
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Debra N, NJ


"I lost my joy in life, between covid and my family's struggle my feelings went numb. I was “just there”. I had no excitement to plan new things, or to set and accomplish goals, or do the big things I've always wanted.  It is as if I have just been going thru the motions of the day.

Doreen helped me to look inside myself and get to the root of the problem. 

I've learned how to access the power within myself, change my patterns and my confidence increased because I have tools going forward."


Jennifer N, NC

"Daily, I felt a lot of pressure. The second I got home, the tug of war began with my family. I was frustrated and didn't know how to balance it all without yelling and screaming to get them to listen. I felt like I was alone trying to juggle it all. I was sick and tired of being ruled by my emotions and repeating the same mistakes over and over again and not know how to move forward.​Working with Doreen changed everything. She helped me balance all the spinning plates and we designed strategies for gaining buy-in at home. Our family now functions as a family and I'm really clear-minded, instead of always feeling guilty. I'm no longer exhausted because I'm trying to be everything to everyone and can unplug when I get home and enjoy my family."

Tami L, NY

“After 6 months with Doreen, I've learned to see things differently.  I've learned to see the tension in my body as a friend instead of an enemy.  I'm now able to give myself space in the middle of my busy day to notice the information that is coming into my brain/body and not be undermined by it.   I'm able to return to a place of peace in the middle of uncertainty like never before with the tools you have provided...I can the needs of others and myself from an authentic place instead of being hijacked by my saboteurs."
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