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Cultivating Connection:
How to Cultivate Deep-Rooted Connection Even When
There's No Time

The Empowered Self-Revolution Lab To Disrupt The Status Quo For Medspouses

Dare to Disrupt The Status Quo?

You've nurtured others, now it's time to nurture yourself.


You've stood in the shadows, you've lived exhausted and lonely behind the scenes, you've put your career aside, and you've posted anonymously in your groups! Yup, check! You've done it willingly and with gratitude--now you are noticing the effects of the stress--on you, your family, and your husband. You feel deeply disconnected but always there.


It's like you watch your life as a movie, but you are not really in it.


You wonder how long can we go at this pace before

we crash and burn? You live against the clock grabbing stolen

seconds of time-- still-- those moments lack the sizzle! The warm, and comfortable sensations of your muscles relaxing in their arms is missing.


You feel like you are in a race against rounds as you call the shots from the bench------high-speed, and big tension feels familiar in your body----with no rest in sight.

In the heart of medicine's high-stress environment, medspouses have been the unsung heroes, silently shouldering the burdens while life passes in a blur of responsibilities.


You know you are blessed, yet you have needs too. The truth is, you've spent so many years putting everyone and everything first, you may not know what those needs are anymore.


You've been shunting all of your resources to everyone else and you are just getting through the day.


In the self-revolution lab, the isolated become empowered and connected.

The overlooked become leaders of their legacy--they lead the narrative of their own stories. They influence their loved ones by training them to have strong mental and emotional resources--

because you now possess them!

The already strong, become stronger by locking arms with

other strong medspouses in a safe community where they belong, cultivating skills their families flourish under.

It's time to shift the focus from survival & autopilot (average living and leadership) to thriving (above-average living and leadership)!

It's time to shift the focus from isolation to profound connection--even if nothing changes in medicine! 


Why Cultivating Connection?

Imagine having a safety net of people who really "get" you. Imagine being able to flop down on the couch after a long day and just spill everything that's on your mind, knowing the person listening isn't going to judge you. They see you for who you are—in both your brilliance and imperfection—and they're cheering you on or handing you tissues when you need them. 

It's the comfort of texting a friend out of the blue with a random thought, knowing they'll appreciate it, or sitting in silence without it being awkward because you're both just happy being in the same space. You don't have to wear any masks or perform; you're loved and accepted as is.

And you're equally ready to be their rock or their soft landing spot whenever they need it. It's genuine, no-strings-attached care and understanding, making you feel like you belong, no matter what. It is a no-judgment zone that feels safe and secure---where you can breathe, grow, and let your brilliance shine!


Imagine being about to accomplish more with your energy because you are no longer wasting that energy hiding your real thoughts to "fit in" and swimming against the tide. Imagine having energy left to cultivate this same intimacy with your spouse, and kids because you've already got the tools--your brain!

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Your Guide To Self-Revolution:
Doreen Steenland,

RN,  ICF Certified Professional Coach, Medspouse, With 13 Family Members in Medicine!

Why Self-Revolution? It takes self-revolution to learn new patterns when you feel like you are on an island by yourself, yet you are surrounded by people. Because this internal ache for real connection--- to be a part of something with someone who gets you is grating on you--even if your brain resorts to your old way of reacting.

Let's face it, doing life alone is not the way our brain is wired, superficial talk leaves you feeling invisible and hiding behind a mask. Like there's an invisible wall that keeps you separate. These are patterns we've gotten stuck in because we've been burned before--it is just your brain trying to keep you safe.


Discover the support you have been looking for and become part of something bigger as you re-learn how real connection is developed!

The 3D Self-Revolution Formula:
A Clear Path To Having Your Inner and Outer Worlds Match

Tami L, TX

"Before working with Doreen, I felt like I was constantly on edge, like my own body was somehow against me because of all the stress and tension I was carrying around all the time. But after six months, things have really changed. Doreen showed me how to look at all that tension in a whole new light – like it’s actually trying to tell me something, not just make my day harder. Now, I’ve got this knack for taking a little breather, even when everything’s hectic, to figure out what’s really going on with me, both in my head and my body. And instead of letting all that stress knock me off course, I’ve got these awesome tools Doreen gave me to find my calm again, no matter what’s happening. It’s like I can handle other people’s needs and my own without losing myself to stress. I never thought I could feel this grounded and true to myself in the middle of all the craziness."

The Self-Revolution Lab

This is an experiential learning lab where you will think, create, discover, discern, and decide in community with other medspouses who are on the same journey as you. The power of a judgment-free, no-fix zone where each participant can show up as they are: in their brilliance and imperfection. There is room to breathe!

Imagine developing relationships where the people in your life really get each other. It's like having friends or family who know the real you, warts and all, and still think you're awesome. You can talk about anything, whether you're laughing till your sides hurt or sharing something that's got you down, and they're right there with you. You don't have to pretend or hide parts of yourself; you can just be you. And it's a two-way street—you're there for them just as much. It's feeling safe enough to share your thoughts and feelings without worrying they'll bail on you.

Basically, it's developing the kind of relationships where you feel seen, heard, and valued for who you truly are and it's not a burden--

it feels great!


Growth Together

You will ditch the guilt reactions!

You will identify your priorities and recognize the distractors that keep feeling guilty and running on empty.

You will discover how to BE present.

You will learn to discern your inner world and outer world more clearly, as you become a present participant in life--instead of constantly distracted. You will be mindful and experience a more calm, satisfying life, finding joy in everyday things.

You will disrupt your stress patterns.

You will step into self-leadership by embracing new strengths instead of turning to old patterns of behavior, thought, and feeling. Your self-leadership will be a growth magnet for your family and work in the world. Your legacy building is beginning!

You will rediscover yourself apart from your current role of wife and mom-- even if you habitually gave your power away to these roles—you will stop losing pieces of yourself as a sacrifice for others—life will regain its excitement. You will begin to live with authenticity (your inner world and outer will match each other).
You will become the queen of balancing efficiency with empowerment. People will feel seen, heard, and understood as you invest your leadership skills into developing others and fostering independence and growth. Your legacy of leadership will enable others to breathe easy in your presence because you are laser-focused, calm, and connected. You will have a clear path to powerful decision-making.
Your passion will be reignited as you align your identity and actions with your values. As you walk confidently in your identity (which is not your title), your relationships will stand up and notice! Your certainty will be caught by your kids and husband, as they will become emotionally grounded by your presence.
You will discover how to build your capacity effortlessly because you will have learned how to train your nervous system to work with you instead of against you. These tools will enable you to empower your spouse and family as you equip them with the tools they need to be calm, clear, and focused. Restoring your drained energy.
You will prioritize and protect your families space for rest by building it into you life as a lifestyle--even if the medicine doesn't change. Your stable emotional contagion will infect your household and influence your family as your home becomes your family's peaceful sanctuary.
You will discover the key ingredient necessary for communication in your relationships. Whether in marriage, parenting, or your work teams, your communication will produce intimacy and be clear and kind. You will no longer feel alone on your journey and develop. You will experience true connection and deep bonds of relational intimacy, as you learn how to build a strong partnership with your spouse. Go from love in limbo to heartbeats in harmony!

Who is this experiential learning for?

Cultivating Connection is for medspouses who are ready to:
  • Step into Their Light: You’ve been the backbone of your family, often putting your dreams and desires on hold. Now, you're ready to discover and embrace your own identity beyond the shadows.

  • Time is getting in the way of having the life that you want!

  • Challenge the Status Quo: You feel a deep desire to disrupt the patterns of stress, isolation, and sacrifice that have become the norm in your life and seek a path that honors your well-being and aspirations.

  • Cultivate Deep Connections: You're seeking meaningful relationships and a community where you can be authentic, vulnerable, and truly seen.

  • Embrace Personal Growth: You're open to exploring self-awareness, mindfulness, leadership, and emotional intelligence as tools for transformation.

  • Make a Difference: You want to leave a legacy of love, strength, and empowerment for your family and beyond.

  • Quality Time: If you want red-hot relationships based on deep connection and intimacy.

Who is this NOT for?

This experiential learning might not be the right fit for individuals who:
  • Are Not Ready for Change: If you’re not at a point where you’re open to exploring deep personal growth or challenging existing patterns, this journey may feel overwhelming.

  • Prefer Surface-Level Solutions: This course dives deep into emotional and psychological growth. If you're looking for quick fixes without much depth, this might not be the right fit.

  • Lack of Commitment to the Process: The journey of transformation requires commitment and an openness to fully engage with the process over the course of a year.

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