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Medspouses: Put Your Skills, Resilience, And Resourcefulness, 
To Work For YOU!

Give Up Survival Defaults

For A Peaceful, Energy-Filled Life Your Love!


You Are Strong, Yet Starting to Wonder,
"What About Me?'

 -Your journey feels lonely and don't fit in. You are too rich for church and too poor for the country club!  


-Burnout is the invisible threat that we hide---the result is the mental strain for our family---it feels hard carrying everyone's emotions and holding in mine.

-You spend the first part of every couple's getaway fighting with your spouse, count a medical conference as a couple's getaway, and come home unrested! 

-You painfully accept missed birthdays, holidays, and family dinners---You are married, to a spouse and their call schedule---this is what you signed up for. 

--What happened to sex, anyway? 😦 It used to be good!


--You want to but don't know when you'd have time for meaningful, nonjudgmental relationships with anyone outside your family---your conversations are sifted. 


---You're proud of your endurance, yet you didn't expect survival mode to be your normal.


-You’re scared that trying to change would blow up the whole burnout prevention system you and your spouse operate under. 


What If It Could Be Different?

What if you could get out of survival mode without tearing down the good things you have built, using the good things you are proud of?


What If It Was Like This?


You live a peace-filled and restful life----your very presence provides emotional security, instead of fantasizing about that life. 


You feel flexible and your energy feels balanced.


You no longer deny yourself to meet someone else's needs. 

Sleep? Yep, you get it! 


You express yourself clearly when you have a need, whether big or small, and meeting those needs come to you easily.


Your words influence others. 


You have the time and space to care for your own body and brain---you experience self-compassion.


You feel connected to your partner and what you've built together. Medical topics become less of a focus. 


You find yourself smiling over sex again and again ;)


You often have open, honest conversations with your spouse, children, and friends who appreciate your intelligence, loyalty, and personal kick-ass spark!


You have role freedom; you no longer introduce yourself based on the default titles.

You feel empowered to enjoy life as it is!

You don’t rush from activity to activity with no time to think!


Your newfound energy is contagious.


You easily reach your goals--just like you did as a young adult---and you are proud of what you've created NOW!

You Feel Empowered To Enjoy Your Life As It Is!
The Change Happens In Your Brain and Body
But Without Adding Another Burden


Your Journey Begins Here In 

The Self-Revolution Lab!

The Neuroscience Spark for Self-Revolution:


- Neuroscience is knowing what's happening in the brain---your brain-- and how to deliberately change it.

- Neuroscience teaches your brain that whatever changes you want to experience are safe AND desirable!

You've spent a lifetime training your brain to model resourcefulness, endurance, creativity, and unselfishness.


And sadly, we've trained our brains to adopt a few habits that no longer serve us. Things like: You must always be "on call" for others. You must always respond, "Yes, no problem", and you must always silence your concerns, "suck it up buttercup"!



That's a bit stressful and it happened over time subconsciously!


- Neuroscience is also the key to unhooking from problematic habits

and patterns that no longer serve you---- it's attractive and easy!

-You need a strategy for brain change that is clear and doable within your busy day, right?

As a nurse myself, and a medspouse with TWELVE other medical professionals in my family----I get that!

Making self-revolution fit your life is my specialty.
















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Hi Friend, I'm Doreen,
Your Guide to 

I’m Doreen, I empower you to step into a way of living your life that fully lights you up— without the medspouse guilt, comparison, or dropping any balls. I stand for peace, freedom, and presence. I believe you can experience pleasure in your life without working harder or doing more!

I leverage brain/body-based tools, fun mindset strategies, and neuroscience connection principles to help hundreds of women connect with themselves, others, and even God in meaningful ways. I do this without you and your family working harder, doing more, or the normal self-care strategies you've tried for decades that do not deliver the results you desire! Vacations, yoga, and the spa do not provide the long-term solutions you need to love your life NOW--they are all future-facing---which is how we've been living our whole lives. I will rest when...... XYZ happen.

My journey has empowered me to author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling Book Transform Your Brain, One Thought At A Time: Stress Patterns, Anxiety and Overthinking Rewired! I've  spent decades navigating the stress of medicine with my 13 medical family members and I know the pitfalls of the medical family. This led me to specialize my internationally certified coaching (ICF) and nursing practice, in the application of simple neuroscience, mindfulness (without the long meditations), and body-based forms of rest, restoration, and transformation. I believe you can live a full and abundant life right NOW!

Step into a way of living the life that fully lights you up— without guilt, comparison, dropping any balls, or doing more! 


Get These Benefits
Started Today!

     ✔️ No More Shrinking Away Waiting for Permission to Live            One Day in the Future...

  • Use the 3D Self-Revolution Formula to know what you want, why you want it and make confident decisions on how to get it for you and your family.

  • Stop living the life you planned on and start living the life you dreamed of, discovering the role you play in this unfolding drama.

  • Strengthen your voice so you are heard, seen, and understood. 


      ✔️ What if Your Actions Were Intentional Instead of Duty              Driven?


  • Forget the "shoulds" and the side-eye glances. Quit the comparisons and stay in your lane without feeling guilty.

  • Stop ignoring your body and discover the breadcrumbs leading you in your sacred path to wellness.

  • Tune into your internal guidance system to live your abundant life NOW ---experience, and know in your heart you are enough, you are doing enough, and that you are making a difference in the world! 

    ✔️ Calming Nervous System Reset Formula to Reset        Your Life:

  • 90 % of Participants go from reaching for coffee at 10 am, to waking up excited, rested, and fired up with energy throughout the day.

  • Release and decrease your stress levels. (95% of participants discovered this!)

  • Experience joy and peace in your life (95% of Participants found this!)
    even if nothing changes in your circumstances.

    ✔️ Ditch the To-Do List Madness and Make Powerful Decisions:


  • Ditch the endless checklist of someone else's dreams, silencing that nagging inner critic using scientifically proven stress pattern-busting tools.

  • Use your customized decision-making tree to plan your lists and communicate your why!

  • Create meaningful conversations and communicate for change: renegotiate and reconnect with the "clear and kind communication template"


  • ✔️ Become an Anchor of Peace in Your Home:

  • Imagine being the calm in the storm, making chaos look cool, as you make confident decisions. Hint: It does not include meditation, vacation, or yoga---cause who has time for that?

  • Access to the "Emotional Triage Toolkit" to empower yourself and your family instead of worrying about the mental health of your family.

  • Ditch the distraction for total presence with the customized "powerful presence plan".

    ✔️ How to Love The Everyday Moments:

  • Find joy in the jelly stains on the couch and the laughter that fills your home. Embrace your beautifully messy life with open arms and a wide-open heart.

  • Fine-tune your focus filter to see the unexpected, creating a life of adventure--and train your family to wear the same glasses!

  • Live in Courageous Alignment with the life you desire.


     ✔️ Discover True Rest & Build Your Energy Reserves                      Instead of Running on Adrenaline:

  • Reclaim your mental territory; Stop the energy thieves in their tracks.

  • Restore emotional rest: tame those emotional gremlins that suck your energy dry. 

  • Rest is more than yoga, the spa, or vacation. You will create energy reserves in all of the areas of rest!

  • Fill your mental closet with thoughts that inspire you and dump the items in your mental closet that no longer fit!

      ✔️ The Single Best Way to Light Up Your Love Life:


  • Spark joy in your closest relationships---and enjoy the warmth and connection of snuggling on the same couch as your spouse!

  • Discover the missing link to your relationship fire--Hint: it's not time!

Jennifer N, NC

"Battling Work-Life Balance"
"Every day was a struggle to keep up without snapping. I felt so alone, tired of being overwhelmed by my emotions and making the same mistakes. My family got on the same page. Now, our home life is smoother, I'm clear-headed and free from guilt. I've stopped trying to do it all and finally enjoy my time at home with my family."


Why Join This Journey?

  • Because YOU are doing so much to hold down the fort and support your partner —it all feels dull, boring, and draining

  • Because nothing is lighting you up like it used to


  • Because You want to feel alive again, knowing you are making a difference (in your heart--not just in your head)


  • Because You want to be known--the REAL You and function in more of your strengths!


Tammy L, TX

"Constantly on Edge with Stress and Tension in my Body"
Stress no longer knocks me off course! I’ve got  tools Doreen gave me to find my calm again, no matter what’s happening. It’s like I can handle other people’s needs and my own without losing myself to stress. I never thought I could feel this grounded and true to myself in the middle of all the craziness."

When You Sign Up; Things Begin to Change:

  • Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls: 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month (2 hours)-Real engagement, questions, and personalization


  • Monthly Deep Dive Modules: Topics to supercharge your techniques-added to the portal


  • Interactive Workshops: Quarterly practical application skills and exercises. TBD


  • Growing Resources Media Library: Access to 'learn at your own pace' media resources to deepen your learning with tools that make a real impact! Found in your private learning portal.


  • 24/7 Online Community Platform: A private platform where you can connect, share insights, ask for advice, and offer support, creating a continuous sense of community and belonging.


  • Growing Toolbox of Quick Self Regulation tools for stress management....and much more......

  • The 3D Self Revolution Formula is the secret sauce that creates change that isn't painful or hard!

    In A Community who "gets the real you"!


Elizabeth R, NJ

"Coaching as a viable life changing vehicle"

I used the amazing tools that helped me to see pieces of myself that I didn't even know existed.  I am finally moving in a positive direction with excitement and clarity earning the promotion into higher leadership."

If you want to:


Step into a way of living the life that fully lights you up— without guilt, comparison,  dropping any balls, or doing more!  

--then let's talk!

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